Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fleischer# 2-Bluewater (Diciembre 2011)

No escarmientan estos yankis,por lo visto quieren mas.Se va la segundita!y por la editorial Bluewater production.

Otra aventura del heroe de ciudad Generica acompañado de sus amigos Shatman & Spocky.



Writer: Edward Gross & Leon McKenzie
Pencils: Fernando Sosa & Merbitt
Cover Artist(s): 1 cover: Fernando Sosa & Merbitt

The ultimate struggle between good and evil is waged as….ah, who are we kidding? It's just the further adventures of that oblivious but lovable putz, Fleischer. In his second outing, Fleisch teams up with Shatman and his pint-sized sidekick Spocky as they go up against the evil Cyber-Abe 2.0 and begin to learn the secrets of…Epa!!!!


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